Goal Setting

Why set goals? - here's a few ideas.
To succeed you need to know what you are trying to achieve.
To work out what is important.
To take responsibility for your learning.
To work out weaknesses and develop strategies to improve in these areas.
To realise strengths and develop them further.
To learn how to evaluate your own activities.
So you know when to reward yourself for achieving your goal.

Starting from where you are at.
Complete the online forms found below. Be as honest and accurate as you can. Make use of your workbooks to get an idea of your strengths and weaknesses.

Personal Learning

Use your imagination. - Picture yourself in your dream career, what is it you want to be? an inventor, a builder, a scientist, a designer... What sort of lifestyle do you want to live?
Write down all the ideas you have about your future, these will more than likely change throughout your life as your interests change but it's important to have an idea of where you are heading.

Read about SMART Goals here - we've already covered these before but make sure you have a good understanding of each aspect because you're going to need to apply them shortly

Consider the strengths and weaknesses you identified in the surveys, What are you already good at? What is it you need to work on improving? What is it you need direct help with?
Record these in a table like this - Make a new table for each area of learning.
My Current Strengths
Areas for Improvement
Areas I need extra support in

- be sure to save it in your own folder with a sensible name - BE SPECIFIC, avoid making general statements like "improving spelling" - what is it you need to improve? Learning the THRASS chart, Identifying sounds, using strategies?

With these areas, begin developing a plan for improvement, what training do you need? What resources do you need? What sort of a timeline will you set yourself? How will you know if you have improved? What will be your reward when you meet your goal? Choose two areas for improvement and one area that you need extra support in. Set out some SMART goals for improving these and then negotiate with me about what we need to do to achieve them. Perhaps you can setup a rubric to evaluate your improvement. Have a look on the web and see what other ideas there are.

Use the Google doc found here to put together your proposal for improvement. Remember it doesn't have to be huge, make it SMART. (you will need to highlight the text on the page and paste it into your own word document. REMEMBER TO SAVE! once we have negotiated your proposal I will show you where to upload it for future reference.

No watching until you've finished - yes that means you Harry and Kyle.

A job Well Done