My little Brother's pet
It did seem fair I
had a Dog but it died now it was my Brothers turn to have a pet. By the way hi my names Annie and i have a little Brother named Zac he is going to the pet store today to find a pet. I do hope he finds one.

Finally we are there at the pet store it was time for Zac to choose his pet. There was so many animals there you wouldn't believe it. Rabbits, Mice, Snakes, Dogs, Cat, Birds and more. it took a fair while, but Zac finally chose.

It was so cute(pause) a little(pause) wait, scratch that a tiny baby Guniepig. It of course was a Boy Zac named him Mr. Giggles he was a tiny little thing.

slowly Mr. Giggles was growing and i started acting suspicious towards him because he was acting more like a WOLF doing things like, eating pour food, messing up our kitchen bench when it was neat, chewing our toys and our couch.
and biting us OUCH.

it was official Mr. so called Giggles was an evil Guineapig. Of course we had tried to get rid of him but he would just bite us even harder each and every time we had tried but i wasn't ready to give up just yet.I had a plan to get rid of him once and for all.

It was two AM i slowly tip-toed down stairs to the lounge room where he was lying fast asleep of course with his well big for a giuneapig belly sticking out in the air. I grabbed the whole cage and slowly carried it outside to the gutter where i tipped it over slightly and Mr.Giggles quickly came rolling down and into the gutter. I happily waved GOODBYE as he rolled away.

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